My Week Through Instagram

posted on: Saturday, 2 June 2012

From the top, left to right:
1. Bang Your Head Here - From Bloomberg Businessweek's cover. How relevant (see no2).
2. Had the worst day at work on Thursday...At least Depon Maximum does what it promises: instant relief from pain(s).
3. Packed my latest Coco Chanel quote print "Be Irreplaceable" for a customer in Norway. Big smile!
4. Saturday's casual outfit: floral pants from Zara, jean shirt from Bershka and white t-shirt from H&M.
5. I'll do it as the future queen does (note to reader: Kate, not Camilla): I've bought these tres-chic beige L.K.Bennett pumps which look fantastic but they keep killing each time I wear them...
6. This week the only cd that made it into my cd-player was Amy Winehouse's "Back to Black", with the song  "Some Unholy War" on repeat.
7. No idea how this flower is called, but there are plenty of them at our garden.
8. After a big dinner on Monday, a few of these sweets appeared on our table. This one somehow made it on my plate!
9. For my Saturday afternoon coffee I need at least three new magazines! This week's choices were the Greek editions of Hello!, Ok! and Harper's Bazaar.  

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