2015 Printable Calendars on SALE NOW!

We still have five busy months till the end of the year, filled with exciting events (summer vacations, new semester at school/college, halloween, thanksgiving, christmas) so you'd better have a simple yet modern calendar in hand to keep track of all those important dates!  Today we are happy to announce that we are offering our minimal black and white printable calendars for 2015 half price! Visit our etsy shop to check the designs and the budget-friendly prices

Day-to-Night Outfit

Day-to-Night Outfit: Three Transitional Pieces

The Three Transitional Pieces:
The Blazer: J.Crew Tuxedo Blazer ($250), The Dress: Keepsake Closer Dress ($141), 
The Shoes: Schutz Rita Pumps ($126 - ON SALE)

The rest:

Officewear that can worn after office hours? It's not that hard if you:
a. stick to a neutral pallette, 
b. choose (and carry) the right accessories.  and
c. "hide" your eveningwear under a blazer, a sweater or a shirt at the office!  

Home Decor Envy: Brass Stools for the Kitchen

Photo: Architectural Digest 

I know what you are thinking: you too have to have these art deco brass stools for your kitchen, living room, bedroom or office! These gorgeous pieces are designed by Anna Karlin and can be customized according to your own needs. 

How To Pack For A Short Winter Trip

Packing lightly doesn't come easy to most people but with this simple guide from The Zoe Report you'll finally understand how create six different looks for a long winter weekend with just a few items of clothing! 

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