Home Decor Envy: A Notting Hill Townhouse

posted on: Monday, 19 March 2012

Yes, I admit it; I have fallen in love with Peter Mikic's house. The Australian born designer who found a gorgeous townhouse in Notting Hill in a less-than-gorgeous condition decided to take the leap and work hard to restore its former glory. “We ripped it apart,” Mikic explains in Elle Decor magazine. “At one point, there were only three walls left standing. You could see up to the roof from the ground floor.” When it came time to decorate, Mikic had a vision. “I wanted the house to look as though Claridge’s hotel had been transported to 1950s Milan". “I love the idea of combining the luxury of a hotel with unique, personal details”. Couldn't agree more. Read the rest of the article and find more photos here.


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