Ivanka Trump's East Side Apartment

posted on: Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Ivanka Trump's Manhattan apartment is nothing like I thought it would be. Instead of huge spaces and ostentatious decor style, Ivanka has gone for a modern-with-a-retro-twist style and for vivid colours and her husband had a lot to do with it. “Being traditional and feminine, I wanted luxury and glamour,” Trump says, “while Jared gravitates toward the modern, which can be austere.” Ultimately, the woman who grew up in the famous marble palaces of her parents, Donald and Ivana Trump, agreed that sleeker is better. And with the help of their decorator, Kelly Behun, the couple created a "modern warm" where "kids can live happily" and Ivanka's husband can "put his feet on the table or lie on the sofa watching TV and not be worried. Nothing should be so precious that you can’t use it.” You can see the rest of the house by visiting Elle Decor's website!


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