The New Chic: April 17

posted on: Tuesday, 17 April 2012

The New Chic no1

1. Lace Blouse, 2. Shoes, 3. Bracelet, 4. Skirt, 5. Handbag, 6. Sunglasses

This week I have a brand new column for you! Titled "The New Chic", it is a weekly column where I will be featuring items that have the potential to become the new classics in fashion and home design. Will we discover the new white shirt, or the new Chanel 2.55? Don't know, it remains to be seen; but I do know that together we will be discovering products of great design and quality that will steal our hearts, and maybe the hearts of our children and grandchildren... And don't forget: I would love to read your suggestions, so go on, fill in the comments section!