It's Supplies Arrival Day!

posted on: Monday, 1 November 2010

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who declares that Monday isn't my favourite day of the week, but things got better today when I received two packages with supplies early in the morning: swatches of my new designs from Spoonflower and christmas cards (again designed by me) from Moo! I'll keep this post only for the cards and I 'll blog tomorrow about the swatches. 
My plans for the greeting cards is to create three series with Christmas /New Year's Eve themes and sell them on my etsy shop in sets of 3 or 5 cards. I printed two of my designs on cards through Moo and feel pretty good about how they turned out. As you can see from the photos the silver and red geometrical shaped cards are good, the colours are very close to the actual design - just a liiiiiitle bit darker than the initial image - and (once more) the quality of the paper is superb! I've kept the inside blank so that the buyer can write, draw, glue on photos and generally have the space to fill in whatever and however he/she wants this part of the card, and added a small image of my logo on the back side. The only problem - if I can call it a problem - is that a tiny part of the design can be seen on the back side of the card.... But noone's perfect right? Hope that doesn't keep my shop's visitors from buying them! They will be available on Etsy this week!


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