Well...here I am!

posted on: Wednesday, 13 October 2010

....and I love it! I enjoy blogging so much that ever since I lost my first blog "Ostentatious Style" two years ago, I felt really more or less depressed, there was something missing from my life...This is why I created and tried to develop a second, fashion-related blog "The Fashion Conservative" which is still 'alive' today, but couldn't put in the same love, passion and commitment that I had about my first one. But I'm pretty sure that now things are different; I will be blogging about my beloved etsy shop "Sacred & Profane Designs" and about my love for design, art and entrepreneurship! I promise to do my best to keep you updated, informed and, why not, entertained through my posts about my latest design-related endeavours (and not only) and sincerely hope that you will enjoy it! Welcome!


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